Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Parts Of A Pirate Ship Diagrams Pictures What Are Names Of All The Ship Parts? Not Sails Just The Bottom Parts :)?

What are names of all the ship parts? Not sails just the bottom parts :)? - parts of a pirate ship diagrams pictures

I'm trying to understand which parts of the called ships. The problem is that whenever I is the pictures and look for a diagram, a pirate ship and has not allowed me exactly what I want. The only really you need the bottom of a pirate ship (where the shit, shit and the bridge is located in the back). These three are the only parts I know. If anyone can help me, please, the names of at least five pieces of the pirate ship! Thank you!


CHIEF said...

Hope this helps, there is the bow (front) of ships.
The stern (rear).
The project (either as part of the ship is).
The hull (the bottom of the vessel).
The keel attached to the hull.
La Galera (kitchen).
The bridge or in the cockpit (that is, when) the government of the ship.
The bilge is) (the lower part of the ship.
The pulpit (rail against the bow of the boat).
The balcony at the back (rear) is the stern.
Bogen spit (the wood is ill placed more to the foredeck of a ship)

Hope this helps.

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