Saturday, February 13, 2010

Herpes Of The Nose Pictures Bump Inside Of Nose Herpes?

Bump inside of nose herpes? - herpes of the nose pictures

My boyfriend has this bump on the inside of the nose, she says it hurts to stay and disappears approximately 2-3 weeks, but sometimes they come and go picnic with a needle and then pulls a white material that comes next?

what could be?


Barry McCockiner said...

A grain-nose.

Rae said...

I would say it is only a grain or some sort of abscess in the nose. It is unlikely that herpes is like herpes all over your pain. Herpes is usually either cold sores or oral herpes and genital area is good. The white matter may be infected leg, and once it is clear the grains in the nose, how long! If you are not yet certain, unpleasant, or go to the doctor is always the best choice!

Richard said...

could be acne. I doubt that can be sexually transmitted diseases occur in the nose of a person. In fact, I have nothing to fear.

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