Monday, February 8, 2010

Ls-magazine Website I Found This Website That Claims Its NOT Child Pornography, Tell Me Wat You Think,

I found this website that claims its NOT child pornography, tell me wat you think, - ls-magazine website

Contact the Cyber Crimes Division of the FBI. You do not know how much you can do, is the area, and registered the site outside the United States. ...

The registrar is a registrar of India, although ICANN-accredited. I think I can report them.



subgeniu... said...

exciting! I'm not sure that they do it, but exciting! I'll even try!

Al said...

I think any site that says it's not pornography, it probably is. There is little difference between erotica and pornography on the basis of sexual connotations. However, it is a legal definition. I want them together.

lilmisz... said...

im sorry, but you said it was a mistake! This is definitely the child pornography

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